First Conference

What better day than the 73rd Independence Day of India for the premiere convention of the Sustain India Student Community to form and lead a discussion, spearheaded by 10 representatives from 9 schools across Mumbai, setting the wheels in motion toward a more Sustainable India. The conferences, held on the 15th and the 17th of August, 2019, were enthusiastically used to create an effective plan of action for the committee to act upon in the next three months. Through a series of expression, development and consideration of a plethora of pressing issues, raised by the delegates, such as infant mortality and rain-water harvesting,

the committee zeroed onto tackling waste management through its incipient design.

Due to the diverse group of schools, and because it’s fun, the committee started off with an Ice Breaker session. With great zeal, representatives spoke about their schools, issues that they personally held close at heart and their eager anticipation about the future they wish to shape.

“[The] upcoming days are pretty exciting. It’s quite a unique initiative and I look forward to the discussion and critical analysis of our problems.”

- Aryayeshu Singh, Billabong High School Thane

Yes indeed, spirits were quite high. In order to channel that raw energy, the opportunity to have Mr. Tanmei Kamat to mentor these sessions was an invaluable one. Under his guidance, one could see the representatives develop in mere hours, as their ideas evolved from stating important but broad topics into better thought out and specific issues supported by statistics.

The second day of the SISC conferences was off to a start that personified the grand leap the delegates had made in improving the quality and motivation behind their ideas. In a mere day, representatives from across Mumbai had equipped themselves with skills and statistics to ensure an incredibly productive session.

Throughout the day, an open atmosphere could be felt through which clear thoughts glided from one table to another, following a trail of realism.

On the first day, various proposals to bring forth sustainable development in India were raised, such as targeting Infant mortality, unemployment in rural areas and education.

On the second day, out of all equally tremendous idea, the committee chose to tackle waste management.

Inefficient waste management is an issue that affects all Indians. According to statistics, India is set to be the producer of the highest amount of waste by 2048- an alarming figure especially if we consider the state of waste segregation in major cities and villages. It is an issue that actively obstructs the transformation of India into a developed nation. What further highlight the gravity of this topic are the grave consequences it brings. The surfaces of lakes such Bellandur Lake are catching fire, rivers have been stripped off of their purity and life, land-fill sites are a continuous health hazard to surrounding areas.

In spite of its desire to solve every issue at once, the committee was realistic in its approach by collaborating and breaking down the problems of waste management.

Being an actively effective student-led community is at the core of the SISC’s philosophy, hence in order to uphold its commitment, the committee created a resolution which set down a realistic plan of action which would be implemented in schools and various societies. Logistics were smoothed out by creating a branched communication system, along with fund-raising drives to expand resources. A review committee was set up to monitor and ease progress.

The convention culminated with an energetic motion for entertainment, and the representatives went back to their homes and schools with a plan, which includes waste recycling drives and tree plantations to promote sustainability and to move India forward- bit by bit.


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Designed and created by Bhavya Muni